Jonas Lillesø Bentzen


Promotional visuals for the CAMPERLAB Spring / Summer collection 2023. 

Director, 3D lead & animations: Yilmaz Sen
Producer: Maximilian Mayrshofer
Executive Producers: Marco Stoltze & Alexandre Papatheodoro
3D scans and processing: Rigsters
3D environment textures: Jonas Bentzen
3D Product look dev: Utku Önal
Sound Design: Mia Terry
Production company: Morph 

The ceiling and lamp was modelled and textured by me.
The rest room was modelled by Yilmaz Sen, and the furniture assets bought from cgTrader and TurboSquid.

I redid the texturing for all the furniture from scratch in Substance 3D Painter.
The materials for the room were created in Substance 3D Painter as well.

All the materials were exported as texture sets, so the director could apply them to the assets in Cinema4D.

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