Chichu Art Museum

A physically based lighting study in UE4

This project depicts a room from a museum in Japan located on the Naoshima island. I visited it on a study trip to Japan and it was one of the most memorable moments because of the beautiful architecture. The museum is designed by Tadao Ando – whose work wih concrete is fantastic. He is known for using a very specific type and style of in situ cast concrete – the one portrayed in this scene – which can be seen utilised on most of his buildings.

I thought this would make a nice scene for a lighting practice in unreal, and I also wanted to practise Substance Designer more. Therefore, the two main materials in the scene (concrete and wood) are entirely made in Substance Designer. The lighting is based on real physical values to get the lighting as realistic as possible. I actually ended up not using any fill lights (apart from the ceiling light) because I really liked the sharp contrast between the overblown exterior and the dark interior.

The wood material made in Substance Designer