Jonas Lillesø Bentzen

Lenovo Virtual Showcases

The showcases can be viewed here:
Lenovo CES 2023
Lenovo MWC 2023
Lenovo YOGA 2023

This is a series of projects I created along with Daviid Ranløv, Saga Space Architects and Everculture for Lenovo. They were used as virtual showcases for new products and functioned as a virtual version of Lenovos physical appearance at several tech exhibitions ex. CES 2023. There are three showcases made during the time from October 2022 to April 2023.

I acted as the main 3D artist on the project and was in charge of concepting, block out, assembly, texturing and lighting of the spaces.

The delivery were several 360 panoramas in high quality that were made interactable by Everculture.

Lenovo Yoga virtual showcase
Lenovo MWC virtual showcase
Lenovo CES virtual showcase

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