Jonas Lillesø Bentzen

Lueenas - music video and teaser clips

Nyx music video (above)

Music video and teaser videos for the album Lueenas by the band Lueenas.
Created and rendered in Unreal Engine 5.

From the video description:
It is no wonder that the experimental string duo Lueenas often work with film music. In their recent collaboration with animator and video artist Jonas Bentzen, their affinity for the magic that can happen moving image and moving music is highly apparent. From the p.o.v of a solo traveler, the camera takes us hauntingly through underground tunnels and fantastical sci-fy spaces of ancient aesthetics while the violent track Nyx is carrying us through it all. For Lueenas darkness and beauty are two beautifully intertwined sensations and this duality is a driving force in their video collaboration with Jonas Bentzen, creating an eerie yet alluring and sensual journey

For fans of Tarkovsky’s Stalker and Mica Levi’s soundtrack to Under The Skin, this music video from Lueenas and Jonas Bentzen is one to watch. Nyx is part of the self-titled album by Lueenas, releasing November 4th, 2022.


Souls Sliding - teaser clip
Witches Brew - teaser clip
In The Search - teaser clip
Stills from the Nyx music video

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