Down the drain

Drainage Down the drain! I challenged my self to see how far I could push the realism on a small 3D scene created from scratch and rendered in Unreal Engine 5, using some of the new features. Mainly, Nanite displacement, the Substrate shaders and Niagara fluid simulation for the smoke. There are four different lighting […]

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Ravine Personal project, created as an exercise to familiarise myself with new 3D rendering software. The look is going for photorealism with a painterly feel. In the scene the lighting has been sculpted carefully to guide the eye and create a dynamic but calm composition. The scene is made in Cinema 4D and rendered with

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Abandoned Temple

Abandoned Temple The project started as part of the recent Artstation Challenge, “Dragon’s Rise” in summer 2022, but I didn’t have the time to finish before the deadline. So the project has been finished over the following months when I had time to work on it. I have changed the structures and the architectural style

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Hacker’s Den

Hacker’s Den Project made for a challenge hosted by DiNusty and Experience Points with the theme ‘Cyberpunk’. The environment is inspired by William Gibsons book, Neuromancer.  I have documented the process of making this environment in a series of blogposts which can be found here. The project is assembled an rendered in Unreal Engine 4,

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Mine Shaft

Mine Shaft Personal project, inspired by images i found on google. Made entirely in Blender by me except for the textures which are from Substance Source. It is primarily an excersise to get more comfortable with mood and compositing. In making the scene I relied heavily on vertex painting. It is used to drive material

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